Truck Driver Services

As one of the largest and most experienced providers in our niche of the transportation industry, CPC brings significant resources to the table. While our primary objective is providing truck driver services, we are also capable of adding the services of other transportation professionals to your fleet including clerical, mechanical, warehouse, dispatch and on-site management personnel.

When recruiting our drivers, we demand more stringent qualification standards than required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Our extensive interview process, combined with exhaustive inquiries into the candidate’s background and prior work history, assures the best possible results in securing safe, responsible and skilled drivers.

During the recruiting process, CPC…

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art recruiting tools
  • Screens and interviews candidates to ensure the best selection
  • Complies with all required DOT qualifications, including physical exams
  • Performs drug and alcohol tests on all employees though a N.I.D.A. approved laboratory
  • Conducts motor vehicle driving record and criminal background checks
  • Bonds our drivers against cargo theft

Once drivers are qualified, they are oriented to CPC’s operations and standards, in addition to those of the clients we serve.

Our goal is to provide the quality drivers your fleet requires at all times. CPC provides replacement drivers when the regularly assigned driver is not available and may also provide the services of supplemental drivers during peak times for your fleet. If your fleet is having difficulty consistently staffing and retaining high quality talent, contact us to discuss CPC’s industry leading truck driving services.

It’s all about the drivers!