2017 CVSA RoadCheck

  • CPC Logistics FACT Safety Program LogoThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International RoadCheck will take place June 6-8, 2017.
  • Inspectors will primarily be conducting a Standard Level 1 Inspection
  • The vehicle inspection includes checking items such as the brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft, exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices (required lamps), steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels, rims and hubs, windshield wipers

Please review the link below and become familiar with the points covered.


RoadCheck Preparation is a CPC FACT:

FOCUS on the information provided in the link above, and on being prepared for the coming days.

ANTICIPATE that you WILL have to conduct a RoadCheck.

CORRECT any situation regarding a possible operating requirements or vehicle mechanical fitness issues.

TALK to your Managers or fellow drivers to discuss anything your may be unclear about regarding RoadChecks.

Larry Lloyd Announced as 2017 NPTC Hall Of Fame Recipient

It is with GREAT JOY that we announce CPC has a new 2017 Hall of Fame Driver, Larry Lloyd, being elected into the National Private Truck Council Hall of Fame. Since its inception, NPTC has so honored approximately 120 drivers. CPC, with this addition of Larry Lloyd of our Walgreens operations will be our ninth (9th), more than any other company!!!

Larry had a long career in Flagstaff, AZ and recently is working as part of a remote team operation based in Woodland, CA.

Drop Larry a line of congratulations in the comments section (below)!
Larry Lloyd 2017 NPTC Hall of Fame Driver

FACT-Positive Thinking Is A CPC FACT



The message below is a copy of Joe Cosenza’s very important message in January’s Tandem Talk. If you have not read this month’s Tandem Talk, check it out here. However, this message below deserves to be highlighted.

 Focus: Focus on positive thoughts, you really have two choices, you can choose to be positive or negative, you can be a victim or victor, pessimist or optimist, polite or rude, work and drive safe or reckless, yield in traffic or not yield, Utilize Smith System driving concepts or not and follow all procedures or not.  Focus on being positive, not garbage into the mind and garbage out.

Anticipate: A good attitude begins with self-awareness.  Self-awareness allows you to be aware of your emotions and attitude is the first step to self-control.  Anticipate the angry motorist or upset customer and their behavior and how you can turn them toward the positive. Having a positive reaction such as kindness and or politeness when subject to these situations usually works best.

Correct: Several times a day, take a moment to analyze your thoughts.  Are you positive or negative?  If negative, reframe from the situation in more positive terms or thoughts.

Talk: A positive attitude is contagious.  Help others (coworkers / customers) who may be having a difficult day or situation.  A good deed is positive reinforcement for your subconscious mind which feeds your positive attitude.

Safety Is A CPC FACT

For a printable (and frameable for that matter) version of this message click here.

Class A CDL Job Fair | Allentown PA | Lehigh Valley PA

Class A CDL Truck Driver Job Fair | Allentown PA

ALLENTOWN AREA CDL JOB FAIR | JAN 25 | 10AM – 3PM | Holiday Inn Allentown I-78

Class A CDL Truck Driver Jobs in Lehigh Valley PA

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM | 7736 Adrienne Dr, Breinigsville, PA 18031

CPC Logistics is hosting a job fair for Class A CDL Drivers on January 25. CPC provides permanent drivers for our private fleet customers such as Walgreen’s, Bridgestone and Avery Dennison.

We are continuing to grow here in the Allentown area, and are looking to meet with experienced Class A drivers that might be in a change mode.

So, in order to get a chance to meet some drivers face-to-face and get to know them a little better, we are hosting an Job Fair at the Holiday Inn Allentown I-78 (7736 Adrienne Dr, Breinigsville, PA 18031)

We are offering a variety of positions. Most earn around $85,000+++, get you home on the weekends and have great benefits and vacation time.

We hope to see you on the 25TH ! Call Corey Stein at (484)225-2799 now for more information!

CPC Logistics Innovative Workers Compensation Program Recognized For Leadership by WorkCompCentral

WorkersCompCentral Comp Laude Awards 2016 Honor Roll Recipient

Chesterfield, MO – CPC Logistics, North America’s leader for providing permanent Class A truck drivers to private fleets, was recently recognized with the prestigious Comp Laude™ 2016 Honor Roll Award by WorkCompCentral in Burbank CA on November 5.

Comp Laude™ Awards were established in 2011 by WorkCompCentral, the workers compensation industry portal for news and education. These awards recognize outstanding contributions and achievements in the workers compensation space. CPC Logistics was nominated for this recognition by an independent medical practitioner, which recognized CPC’s commitment to improving its return to work program for injured workers.

Pictured with Comp Laude award are (l-r): John Bickel Jr.-Vice President of Risk Management, Anne Alabach-Workers Compensation Manager, Ashley Sgambelluri-Third Party Administrator Supervisor, Michael Perry-Claim Supervisor, Jacinda Hayes-Department Assistant

Pictured with Comp Laude award are (l-r): John Bickel Jr.-Vice President of Risk Management, Anne Alabach-Workers Compensation Manager, Ashley Sgambelluri-Third Party Administrator Supervisor, Michael Perry-Claim Supervisor, Jacinda Hayes-Department Assistant

“CPC has invested heavily in improving every element of the experience an injured worker goes through when a workplace injury happens,” said Anne Alabach, Workers Compensation Manager at CPC Logistics. “This investment has resulted in improved outcomes, and in many cases fewer days missed due to injury because of the way CPC manages each case.”

Alabach highlights CPC’s work with industry leading partners such as ReEmployability™ and 2nd.MD for helping shape the company’s program improvements. In shaping program improvements, Alabach pointed to a couple specific examples of ways in which these partners improve outcomes:

ReEmployAbility Case Study:

  • Employee started working at Habitat for Humanity to help transition back to full-duty.  While in the program, employee was continuing to make progress medically toward a full recovery. Employee constantly communicated gratitude about being able to do good while recovering  from injury. Employee quotes: “I Cannot mention how beneficial that program was to help me through this time while I was out.” “The sense of purpose and the continued schedule made this time a lot easier.” This employee even received an award from Habitat for Humanity for the work provided while there.

2nd.MD Case Study:

  • Employee was being told from treating physician that back surgery may be required.  Employee mentioned concerns about the idea of back surgery numerous times.  Employee was provided the opportunity to speak with a 2nd.MD physician and was given additional avenues for recovery.   Employee followed 2nd.MD treatment plan and returned to full-duty, without the concern of having to worry about possible setbacks from back surgery. Employee was extremely thankful for the opportunity to speak to someone else and be given a new treatment path.

“These are just two examples of the additional care each one of CPC’s workers compensations claims receive,” Alabach said. “We believe whole-heartdely that our collaboration between our partners and our valued employees makes a huge difference in arriving at the best possible outcome, and we are thrilled that WorkCompCentral recognized us for it.”

About CPC Logistics

CPC Logistics, based in Chesterfield, MO, is North America’s leading provider of transportation & logistics personnel. Founded in 1973, CPC employs Class A CDL Drivers, warehouse personnel & logistics management specialist to leading private transportation fleets.

About WorkCompCentral

Based in Camarillo, Calif., WorkCompCentral produces daily news, continuing education courses and other live events and can be reached at 805-484-0333 and via www.workcompcentral.com.

CPC Driver David Smith Recognized by NC Trucking Association

CPC Driver Smith NCTA Driver Of The Month for August 2015

CPC Driver David Smith has recently been recognized as a 2015 Driver Of The Month for the month of August 2015 by the North Carolina Trucking Association (NCTA).


The NCTA celebrated all of its Drivers Of The Month for 2015 on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at the NCTA Councils Annual Conference in Asheville, NC at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.

This is the second time in the recent past that Smith, who is assigned by CPC to Hospira, has been recognized for his outstanding truck driving work. In 2015, Smith was also designated as a National All-Star Driver by the National Private Truck Council.


David Smith | NCTA Driver Of The Month | August 2015

“David Smith embodies everything we could hope for in a driver,” said Ken Pruitt, CPC Division Manager. “It is great to see him recognized for his outstanding work, but it comes as no surprise because he is the consummate professional. CPC is honored that the NCTA has recognized him.”

CPC Celebrates 11 NPTC All Star Drivers in 2016

National Private Truck Council Driver All StarsEleven CPC Logistics drivers have been selected as 21016 National Private Truck Council Driver All-Stars, among a total of 26 private fleet truck drivers overall.

Each year,  the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) selects elite applicants as National Driver All-Stars. These drivers have demonstrated high performance standards against their peer drivers throughout the country based on customer service, safety, adherence to company standards, regulatory compliance, and community service.

The award, co-sponsored by International Truck/Navistar, Inc., was presented at a ceremony that took place in conjunction with NPTC’s National Safety Conference, September 15-16, 2016.

2016 NPTC All Star Tuck Drivers | CPC Logistics

Front Row (L-R): Robert Shears, Marlin Brown, Kurt Snow, Cortez Chapman, Timothy Whitten
Back Row: Michael Shea, Niles Frantz, James Hockenberry, Bo Baker, Fred List, Jim Bennett

“We are so proud to have eleven CPC drivers recognized in 2016,” said Dan Most, CPC Logistics Senior Manager of Operations and Safety. “Each of these drivers is in a very small universe of people that have been able to achieve long, accident free careers, largely due to their own professionalism and commitment to staying safe.”

NPTC initiated the National Driver All-Stars program in 2009 to recognize those drivers of NPTC fleet member companies based on how they perform against their own internal customer service metrics. Specific measures of the recognition include:

  • Customer service (uniform/appearance; on-time deliveries; attitude/conduct; customer feedback; loading/unloading; cooperation)
  • Safety (number of DOT reportable accidents; number of OSHA reportable injuries; number of traffic violations verified by current MVR)
  • Compliance with company standards (attendance, attendance at safety meetings, training, paperwork, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance (hours of service, DVIR, MVR, etc.)
  • Community service

Of the 26 Drivers in the 2015 class of All-Star Drivers, 11 are Drivers for CPC Logisitcs. This year’s CPC Logistics National Driver All-Stars are:

          • Edward “Bo” Baker, CPC Logistics, Inc. assigned to Toyota Quality Parts Express
          • Jim Bennett, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Bridgestone Americas Tire Ops, LLC
          • Marlin Brown, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Hospira
          • Cortez Chapman, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Moen, Incorporated
          • Niles Frantz, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Walgreen Oshkosh, Inc
          • James Hockenberry, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to North American Pipe Company
          • Fred List, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Avery Dennison
          • Michael Shea, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to John Deere
          • Robert Shears, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to TMH Transport LLC
          • Kurt Snow, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Northwest Foods
          • Timothy Whitten, CPC Logistics, Inc assigned to Fabri-Kal Corporation.

See each individual receiving their award from International/Navistar Vice President Bob Mann and  NPTC President and CEO Gary Petty at our NPTC All-Star page.

Special Recognition – Shane Hatton


The month of August brought prolonged rainfall in the southern parts of Louisiana which resulted in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of homes and businesses. Tens of thousands of people were stranded in their homes and vehicles. It is reported that at least 30,000 people were evacuated by local law enforcement, firefighters, the Louisiana National Guard and fellow residents.

In devastating times like this the Walgreen Company always steps up to support these downed communities through Disaster Relief donations. So on August 23, 2016, CPC Driver Shane Hatton was given the assignment to take a relief load from the Walgreens domicile in Waxahachie, Texas to the Red Cross in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


When Shane reached the destination and attempted to make delivery, the load was regrettably refused because it had not been palletized and the Red Cross did not have enough volunteers to unload the donations.

Without hesitation, Shane contacted 3 Walgreens store associates and together they were able to unload 600 pieces, place them on pallets, shrink wrapped them and take the delivery back to the Red Cross where it could then be received and processed.

We wanted to take a moment and thank Shane for going above and beyond to get this product delivered to the Red Cross so that it could be properly distributed to the thousands in need. You are a shining example of a true professional driver and we are happy to have you as part of the CPC Logistics, Inc. and Walgreen Company driver team!

Meet Danny Canipe

Meet Danny Canipe……………..

Danny has been driving and delivering Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO) products since June 1, 2009.  He has the most seniority of the drivers based out of Fletcher, North Carolina that drive for CPC Logistics, Inc.

During his service to both CPC and BATO, Danny has been recognized for excellence by being awarded the BATO Driver of the Year Award in October 2007, the One Million Mile Award with CPC Logistics in April of 2015, and he will be awarded his 13 Year Safe Driving Award in October of this year.  Additionally, Danny has been nominated for Driver All-Star Awards with the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) as well multiple North Carolina State Trucking Association Awards.

CPC Driver Danny Canipe


Danny is as dependable as they come.  He has not missed a day from work, excluding planned vacations.  He has consistently been an advocate and an example to other drivers of complying with both company and Department of Transportation policies when completing his daily duties.  He not only attends safety meetings but actively participates in them, often providing important suggestions that contribute to the safety of the fleet.  He serves as a driver trainer for new hires and his paperwork is a model to follow for all.

Danny Canipe

“I’ve always looked at my job as if it were my own business and have attempted to make a commitment to making it successful,” says Danny. “Customer Service is the key component to what we do.  If Bridgestone sees value in what I do, it gives Bridgestone value.  If CPC sees value in what I do, it gives value to CPC.  The biggest value I can provide to each company is having a strong work ethic and treating the people that I interact with respect.”

Danny’s off-time from work is dedicated to his family. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Pamela and daughters Melissa and Rebecca. He is a veteran of the US Army and spent most of his service time overseas in Europe. He is an active member of Bethel Baptist Church in his hometown of Marion, NC.


“Danny has always been dependable, flexible and professional. When BATO reinstituted its Driver of the Year program in 2007, Danny was the epitome of what we had hoped for in representing the fleet as a Driver of the Year.  I first became acquainted with Danny in 2003 during the hiring process and have always taken comfort in knowing that operations in Fletcher, NC were solid with professionals like Danny.”
Kris Kolbe, Manager, Transportation Compliance
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations


“I have known and worked with Danny for over 20 years. Danny is today what he was the first time I met him; a positive, professional, polite and kind person. Danny was a model driver and citizen then, and he is now. CPC, BATO, customers of BATO and his co-workers are fortunate to have Danny as part of our CPC professional driving team.”
Ken Pruitt, Division Manager
CPC Logistics, Inc

Huron Group Driver Awarded Driver Of The Year Award

Randy Packham of Huron Services Group Recognized By Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

Huron Services Group (a CPC Logistics Company) Driver, Randy Packham has been awarded the 2016 Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Driver Of The Year Award.

Packham, assigned to the John Deere fleet, began working for Huron Group in 2004. He has driven over 2,000,000 accident free miles in his career.

Congratulations to Randy Packham on this prestigious honor!

Read more about this Award at Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council website.