October 2015 – Safety Awards

Please join us in celebrating the safe service anniversaries of the following CPC Team Members:

25 Years
Long, Robert

23 Years
Fuqua, Lee

16 Years
Knutson, Douglas

15 Years
Kaiser, Brett

14 Years
Briscoe, John
Hickox, Joe
Rodriguez, Gregory

13 Years
Pruski, Harvey

12 Years
Couch, Billy

11 Years
Spring, Tony

10 Years
Curless, Jeffrey

9 Years
Bowman, Donald
Chambers, John
Simmons, Nathaniel
Williams, Rodney

8 Years
Stefanovski, Mirche

7 Years
Bronson, Robert
Brooks, James
Choi, William
DeClue, Daniel
Dietz, John
Rhodes, Lance
Smith, Troy
Stone, Brian

5 years
Fennell, Douglas

4 Years
Henderson, Justin
Lawson, Herbert
Lowery, George
McFadden, Gerald
Pearsall, William
Rios, Abel
Valdez, Augustin

3 Years
Armstrong, Jason
Carpenter, Samuel
Crawford, Jimmy
Gutierrez, Abel
Peterson, Robert
Richards, Robert
Tykwinski, David

2 Years
Black, Tara
Fristoe, James
Marsh, Gerard
Schwalbe, Mark

1 Year
Cole, Justin
Coon, Scott
Estepp, James
Johnson, Jeffery
Keleekai, Tonian
Le, Nguyen
Melton, Justin
Mullens, Brandon
Oliver, Paul
Plemmons, Charles
Wagy, Michael

October 2015 – FALL INTO SAFETY

As the air turns cooler and leaves drop from the trees, it is important to keep a few fall safety tips in mind. With proper precautions and safety awareness, your family can enjoy the crisp autumn weather while avoiding some of the dangers that come with the season.

Get Your Furnace Serviced
Before winter arrives, it is a good idea to call a professional to do your annual furnace servicing now. Your furnace is by far the most important appliance in your home. Have the filters cleaned and replaced.

Fire Safety
When we “fall back” it is time to replace the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. It is also a good idea to have a working fire extinguisher in the house.  Make sure everyone who lives in the home is familiar with how it works. Hold a Fire Safety Meeting with family members and go over the steps.

Get your chimney inspected every fall. Hire a chimney sweep to clean out your chimney of debris, nests, etc. before you light your first fire.  Use the fireplace screens to protect from flying sparks and embers.


October 2015 – BE PREPARED For Your Next DOT Physical!

We will focus on health topics that will help you get and stay healthy as you prepare for your next DOT exam.  We want you to know your numbers.  In the coming months look for tips on Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Know your Numbers, Healthy Weight, Physical Activity, Preventive Screening and much more.

If you have any questions about your DOT exam or any other health issues, please contact your Highway to Health Nurse, Mandy Francis RN.  Mandy can be reached at 402-970-6143 or mandy.francis@lockton.com.

October 2015 – Recent Driver Of The Month Presentations

The following Driver of the Month Awards were celebrated in August of 2015

Driver of the Month August 2015

Jeff Borucki assigned to Walgreen Company in Perrysburg, OH is shown receiving the Walgreens/Perrysburg Driver of the Month award for August 2015 from Milan Lewis, CPC Operations Manager.


Larry Daniels assigned to One World Logistics in Corbin, KY is shown with his Driver of the Month Award for July 2015 for the Eastern Division.

October 2015 – Recent CPC Safety Meetings

Bose Corporation Truck Drivers
BOSE CORPORATION – Yuma, AZ – August 21, 2015
Pictured L to R: Jesus Perez, Gustavo Castro, Jose Jaramillo, Rafael Garcia, Cosme Lujan, Luis Carbajal

Toyota Quality Parts Express Truck Drivers Phoenix AZ
TOYOTA QUALITY PARTS EXPRESS – Phoenix, AZ – August 22, 2015
Pictured L to R Front Row: Rene Trachsel, Gerald Tainter, Ruben Velasco
Pictured L to R Back Row: Jesus Fierros, Jerry Fletcher, Mark Yahraus

Toyota Quality Parts Express Truck Drivers - Aurora IL
TOYOTA QUALITY PARTS EXPRESS – Aurora, IL – September 12, 2015
Pictured L to R Front Row: Perry Croft, Lance Kuntz, Randy Richardson
Pictured L to R Back Row: Marcel Vallot, Eric Flint, Lemon Calvin, Walter Frueh, Jeremy Becker

Walgreen Company Truck Drivers - Farmington Hills MI
WALGREEN COMPANY – Farmington Hills, MI – September 14, 2015
Pictured L to R: Herbert Lawson, Mike Stefanovski, Darnielle Moore
Back Row: Robert Wolfe

Toyota Quality Parts Express Truck Drivers Cincinnati OH
TOYOTA QUALITY PARTS EXPRESS – Cincinnati, OH – September 19, 2015
Pictured L to R Front Row: Gary Merida, Dave Mueller, Shawn Lee
Pictured L to R Back Row: Benny Shilts, James Lasley, John McGrew, Rick Wilson

Walgreen Company Truck Drivers - Butler PA
WALGREEN COMPANY – Butler, PA – September 28, 2015
Pictured L to R: Doug Fennell and Gerald McFadden

October 2015 Safety Tip – Safe Driving: Distractions and Alertness

CPC Logistics Western Division Safety Manager

Rory Manning | Western Division Safety Manager

Drivers can allow themselves to be distracted by many things:

  • use of electronics
  • pets
  • the radio
  • music/CDs/tapes
  • GPS units
  • a personal computer mounted on a laptop workstation
  • eating and drinking
  • cell phones
  • reading maps and directions
  • smoking, etc.

Professional drivers of trucks and buses are not allowed to text while driving. A proposed rule would also ban their cell phone use while driving. It is best to remember that when you’re driving, you need to concentrate fully on driving.

When it comes to concentrating on driving, it is easier to stay alert if a driver takes proper care of his health. This includes eating a well-balanced diet, engaging in adequate exercise and getting enough sleep. Many things can impede a driver’s ability to do these things, but they are all important.

Be aware of the effect of medication on driving. Never drink alcoholic beverages or take controlled substances in connection with driving a big rig.

And remember, professional drivers should always wear their seatbelts.

October 2015 – Million Mile Award Presentations

Congratulations To These CPC Million Mile Drivers!

These drivers were recognized at events in September 2015
John Deere Truck Driver Brenda Stewart
Brenda Stewart assigned to John Deere Shared Services in Davenport, IA is shown with her Million Mile Award.

CPC-Million-Mile-Award-Gerald-Tainter-15 -Year Award-Ruben-Velasco

Gerald Tainter assigned to Toyota Quality Parts Express in Tolleson, AZ is shown with his Million Mile Award. Also pictured is Ruben Velasco assigned to Toyota Quality Parts Express in Tolleson, AZ who received a 15 Year Safety Award.

CPC-Million-Mile-Award-Rafael -Garcia-BOSE- Yuma (2)

Rafael Garcia assigned to Bose in Yuma, AZ is shown with his Million Mile Award.

September 2015 – Divisional Drivers of The Month

This article appeared in the October 2015 issue of Tandem Talk

Eastern Division

JAMES HOCKENBERRY has been selected as Driver of the Month for September 2015 for the Eastern Division. He has been assigned to NAPCO in Leola, Pennsylvania since November 2010. Jim has become one of the best drivers at the NAPCO account and maintains a safety record of zero preventable accidents. NAPCO Manager Dave Huffer has stated he wished he had 4 more drivers like Jim. He is well liked and respected by our customer and his peers.

BRIAN SALINSKI has been selected as Driver of the Month for September 2015 for the Eastern Division. He has been assigned to Walgreen Company in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, which is domiciled out of Middletown, Delaware, since December 2006 but has worked for this location since May 1996. He is a dependable driver who maintains an accident-free safety record. Brian works well with Walgreen’s dispatch and store employees and is admired for his excellent work ethic.

Western Division

ROBERT GILLHAM has been selected as Driver of the Month for September 2015 for the Western Division. He has been assigned to Walgreen Company in Salina, Kansas since December 2003. Rob is very meticulous in his job functions. He carefully follows the policies and procedures of both Walgreens and CPC Logistics. He makes sure his deliveries are made in an accurate and timely manner and is always courteous to dispatch and store personnel.

RONALD MAHAR has been selected as Driver of the Month for September 2015 for the Western Division. He has a CPC hire date of August 1989 and has been assigned to Walgreen Company in Houston, Texas since August 2003. Ron has logged over 2 million safe driving miles with CPC Logistics and continues to peddle vs. taking a relay position. He is faithful in reporting to work, never complains and has an enjoyable personality that is appreciated by our customer.


CLAUDE RIVARD has been selected as Driver of the Month for September 2015 for the Canada Division. September marked Claude’s 30th year with the CPC family. He was first assigned to the TMH Logistics account, and then later assigned to BSCA in Montreal QC. Claude is well respected by his fellow drivers for his tremendous work ethic and leadership. He is always mindful of our culture of safety and assists with orientation and training of new drivers in Montreal when required. Happy Anniversary, Claude! Safety, dependability, great work ethic – you are the perfect example of why the best drivers on the road drive Huron/CPC.

October 2015 Driver Profile – Meet Johann Paulino

According to Webster’s Dictionary, the word “Spotlight” is defined as public attention or notice.

This month we are proud to shine the CPC spotlight on Johann Paulino.

CPC Logistics Truck Driver Johann PaulinoFor the last 10 years Johann has been assigned to drive for Walgreen Company in Orlando, Florida. He is an excellent example of the competent driver who, in spite of his seniority, chooses to stay on peddle runs in and around the Tampa area. Johann takes great pride in representing both CPC and Walgreens in a professional manner, especially when he is behind the wheel of a Walgreens truck.

Walgreens Truck Driver Orlando

Johann enjoys his job and the way that it allows him to interact with the store employees on a daily basis. He states that through his years of employment he has been able to develop many friendships.

Truck Driver in Tampa FloridaIn his spare time Johann enjoys spending time with his family and working in his garden.

From The Customer:
“Over the years we have received many compliments on Johann’s performance and his kind demeanor.  Johann is always willing to help Walgreens Dispatch, 24/7, and does so with a positive attitude.”

-Joe Catalfamo, Fleet Manager – Walgreen’s

From CPC Management:
“Johann is a pleasure to work with. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude about his job.”

-Mark Echevarria, Regional Manager – CPC Logistics, Inc.

Johann Paulino is just one example of why we say….The BEST DRIVERS DRIVE CPC!!


NPTC Recognizes 18 National Driver All-Stars

Released: September 22, 2015
For More Information Contact: Gary Petty (703) 838-8876

DULLES, VA – Eighteen private fleet truck drivers who have demonstrated high performance standards against their peer drivers throughout the country based on customer service, safety, adherence to company standards, regulatory compliance, and community service have been honored by the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) as National Driver All-Stars. The award, co-sponsored by International Truck/Navistar, Inc., was presented at a ceremony that took place in conjunction with NPTC’s National Safety Conference, September 10-11, 2015.

NPTC 2015 All Stars CPC Logistics

Front Row: Scott Fencil, David Smith, Gerald Tainter, Claude Wiser
Back Row: Stephen Dixon, George Rockwell, James Henry
Not Pictured: Wesley Smith and Greg Robbins

“These drivers embody all the characteristics, skills and attitudes that are the heart of what enables the private fleet to continue to deliver exceptional levels of customer service,” according to NPTC President and CEO Gary Petty. “They are ambassadors, not only for their company, but for the entire private fleet community. We are honored to recognize these private fleet drivers for meeting high performance standards in the fields of customer service, safety and compliance.”

NPTC initiated the National Driver All-Stars program in 2009 to recognize those drivers of NPTC fleet member companies based on how they perform against their own internal customer service metrics. Specific measures of the recognition include:

  • Customer service (uniform/appearance; on-time deliveries; attitude/conduct; customer feedback; loading/unloading; cooperation)
  • Safety (number of DOT reportable accidents; number of OSHA reportable injuries; number of traffic violations verified by current MVR)
  • Compliance with company standards (attendance, attendance at safety meetings, training, paperwork, etc.)
  • Regulatory compliance (hours of service, DVIR, MVR, etc.)
  • Community service

Of the 18 Drivers in the 2015 class of All-Star Drivers, 9 are Drivers for CPC Logisitcs. This year’s CPC Logistics National Driver All-Stars are:

About NPTC

Founded in 1939, the National Private Truck Council is the only national trade association exclusively representing the interests of the private truck industry and corporate/business private truck fleet management. With an actively engaged leadership team of Board representatives, member volunteers and staff, NPTC in the past decade has grown significantly to serve a rising professional class of private fleet practitioners meeting the challenges of modern corporate transportation. NPTC is the leading learning resource center, government affairs advocate, and business networking culture for America’s top private fleet and supplier member companies.  The Council produces benchmarking, best practices, and economic data reports on the private fleet market; administers the highly regarded Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) training program, and conducts some of the most successful events in the trucking industry including the Annual Conference and Trade Show, the Private Fleet Management Institute, and the National Safety Conference. For more information about the Council’s activities and programs, visit our website at www.nptc.org.