Application Process – What To Expect

When interested in working with CPC, here is an overview of the process we follow for evaluating candidates. This process may vary slightly, but our goal is to respect your interest and time.

1. You will be asked to fill out a short initial information form on our website. This form is mobile-friendly and is easy to complete in a short amount of time and relays basic information to the recruiter to review your qualifications for the job you are interested in. NOTE: THIS FORM IS NOT AN EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION. Submitting this form is just an opportunity for you to provide your basic information, experience and qualifications to CPC for review.

2. A recruiter will respond back to you in 24-48 hours, usually in an email. The responses can vary but if your qualifications appear to meet our needs you will receive a link to fill out our employment application on our website. If the position is full, don’t worry as we may still contact you if another job in the area you are looking for is or becomes available. If no other job is available at that time we will still retain your contact information and may reach out to you when another position becomes available.

3. The employment application requires a 10 year work history per DOT regulations, so please make sure you have all of that information available when you fill this out. We will need company names, addresses, zip codes, supervisor names, job title, job duties and dates of employment for the past 10 years.

4. Once you have completed the employment application a recruiter will call you usually within the next 24 hours, unless completed on a weekend and then you will receive a call on the following Monday [or business day if a holiday].

5. Please make sure your voice mailbox on your phone is set up and not full so that if we miss you we can leave a message with you concerning the job you applied for. Please also make sure to check your email during this process as we may communicate thru email as well.

6. Once you have spoken to a recruiter about the specific job details and there appears to be mutual interest in moving forward, we will forward your information to the Hiring Manager who will contact you via phone to conduct a phone interview. The recruiter will also send you the disclosure and authorization forms that you will be asked to complete so that we may obtain the required background reports and previous employment verification on you.

7. After the phone interview, if there is still mutual interest, the Hiring Manager will schedule a face-to-face interview.

8. If there is still mutual interest after the face-to-face interview, the Hiring Manager will schedule a DOT physical and drug screen and discuss a possible starting date with you pending the results of the DOT physical and drug screen.