Success Stories


As a premier provider in the truck driver service industry, CPC brings its best resources to the table. We can customize your solution and enhance our best-in-industry driver services with additional transportation professionals, including clerical, mechanical, warehouse, dispatch and on-site management personnel when needed.

We recruit our drivers using stringent qualification standards above those of the Department of Transportation. Our hiring process includes extensive interviewing and inquiries into candidate backgrounds to assure you safe, responsible and highly skilled drivers. Once we recruit a qualified driver, we do everything we can to insure they stay with us and continue to perform for you.

For select clients, we can also provide and staff a full fleet management solution with enterprise software including dispatch, billing, load tracking and analytics.

CPC will work hard to serve and support your private fleet operation in new and forward thinking ways!

“We couldn’t do without our CPC truck drivers. We expect on-time delivery of our products for our customers and that’s exactly what happens. Your drivers do one heck of a job, often under very tough circumstances. Every day they drive the equivalent of twice around the world for us, delivering more than 300 miles of totes and repacks to our stores.

As I meet your drivers, I find them to be smiling, helpful people who understand the importance of getting to stores on time. CPC drivers are part of our team…members of our family. Our drivers work just as hard as we Store Ops people do to serve our customers well. They’re critical to our success.”
– Executive VP of a major pharmaceutical retailer

“We have forged a great relationship over the years with CPC. Today, as our fleet drivers are supporting hurricane victims throughout the gulf states and delivering our medical supply products, your drivers are being overwhelmed with “thanks” from people. Your company stepped forward an supported us so we could continue to operate and support victims and hospitals across the U.S.”
– Fleet manager of a national medical supply company

“The reason can be summed up in a few words: great drivers. We found our CPC drivers to be ‘keepers’. The second driver we brought on board is still with us, and the drivers average years-in-service with us is 25-30 years – about a 90% retention rate. After thirty years, the fleet is still going strong.”
– Fleet Manager of a national supplier to home builders


CPC appreciates their employees and we work hard to retain our Drivers. Many of our Drivers have been with us for over 10 years, if not longer, and we intend to keep it that way with ongoing recognition programs, open-door support by corporate and resources to help them with questions and provide opportunities.

“CPC was recommended to me by a friend (another CPC employee) and I have been a driver with CPC for over 4 years now. CPC has provided me with an opportunity to train others and I work with great people. The trucks are new, the pay is good and I have good supervisors.”
– Frank Ramirez, Ohio

“I have been with CPC for over 10 years and I like working within this dynamic environment. My day is never the same. There is a lot of growth potential at CPC. The people are nice, the pay is great and the clients always greet me warmly and are appreciative of the job I do for them.”
– Claudia Garlick, Pennsylvania

I have been a driver for over 21 years and CPC is the best company I have ever worked for. These are truly wonderful people and a great bunch of clients that I get to work with daily. The Safety program offers great rewards and it a terrific motivator for employees such as myself. I feel secure with CPC and appreciated.”
– Julius Lewis, Illinois

“CPC offers me flexibility in my schedule so I can be a driver and be home with my family every night.”
– Tim Campbell, Indiana

“CPC purchased my former company a little over 5 years ago and I chose to stay with CPC because of my management, the training opportunities and the appreciation that this company shows its employees. I have a terrific boss and I have been provided with some great opportunities.”
– Robert Visintainer, Illinois

“After 10 years with CPC I can honestly say, it’s about the people. I really enjoy my customers and the appreciation I receive for the job I do from both my customers and my company.”
– Don Johnston, Texas